Traditional Membership

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Welcome to the core of Agudath Achim. This category is for any Jewish person or family who want to align and support the mission, vision and values of our congregation. Together we create a warm, supportive extended family that cares about each other and the world. We share daily and yearly Jewish Life-praying, celebrating, growing, laughing and mourning. This category also includes those that have become Jews by choice through a traditional conversion.

Associate Membership

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We acknowledge and celebrate diversity in the Jewish World. While we are a traditional congregation and have our own Halachic standards for conversion, we also welcome in this membership anyone who has joined the Jewish People through a conversion process of any movement of Judaism. Regardless of differences, we are honored to learn, pray, celebrate and share our ups and downs of life together as a united Jewish people and community. Join us.

This membership may also be appropriate for those who are already members of other congregations, but who want to also connect to the Synagogue. We understand your primary loyalty may lay elsewhere, but you are nonetheless welcome to participate here as well.

Young Adult Division (YAD)

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Welcome to our future. We are excited to welcome Jewish adults under the age of 30, with the hope that they and the congregation will develop together until the blissful day that they will transition into the next generation of community leaders.